Standing Rules











Mount Washington Valley Curling Club Standing Rules



The Mount Washington Valley Curling Club will adhere to playing rules in the following order:


  • Current Mount Washington Valley Curling Club Standing Rules (House Rules, below)

  • Current USCA Rules of Curling & Competition



  • Teams will be responsible for setting up and breaking down their own sheets; stones, hacks, etc.

  • Players utilizing club equipment (brooms, stabilizers, sliders) will return them to the storage area at the end of the night.

  • Ice Team will pebble and nip all sheets.

  • Teams may begin play as soon as their sheet is prepared.

  • No end may be started after 8:10 pm. (We need to be OFF the ice at 8:30)

  • All Teams must have 3 players to start, at least 2 must be rostered members.

  • Subs must play in the “front end”, either lead or second.

  • On 3 person teams, regardless of position, the first 2 players throw 3 stones each with the last player throwing 2 stones.

  • Regular season ties will not be broken, but recorded as ties.

  • Designated playoff games:

  • Only 1 sub allowed per team, majority of team must be original members.

    • Ties will be broken with a draw to the button, offensive sweeping only, and will continue until a winner is determined.

  • Final season standings will be determined in the following order:

    • Point Standings at the end of the regular season.

    • Head to head competition.

    • Net points. (points scored minus points given up, regular season)

    • Draw to the button.