Saturday Night “Casual Curling”

Chris Pollock instructing Barbara Cavanaugh, Barbarar Kelly, Cindy Graham, Mark Cegelis, Rich Ansel and Dan Corrigan

Chris Pollock teaches several of our visitors the fine art of curling at the Ham Arena last night while Sherry Marceau helped out at the other end. All told, we had 8 new visitors last night along with our regular Saturday night curling crew.

Sherry  Marceau with Mark and Gail Lamothe 

Our Saturday night “casual curling” offers new curlers and those wishing to learn more about our sport a very relaxed, stress free and helpful way to learn the game.

Next Saturday, November 19th is our final Saturday for the Fall Season. However several more dates may be available, stay tuned. Our Saturday night “Casual Curling” for the Winter Season will pick up again on January 7th.

Our Wednesday night “Competitive Curling” league is in full swing. Team McAllister and Team Pollock are currently tied for top honors. Josh and his crew are back after a year hiatus, and obviously no worse for wear. Most thought it was so he could give his full efforts to coaching the Kennett High School varsity boys baseball team. That was just a ruse as clearly he took his team to Canada to hone their skills. Chris Pollock? …always a perennial favorite, the smart money never bets against Chris. As fate would have it, they meet in the final game of the season…should be a real barn burner…

We invite you to come to either our Saturday night “Casual Curlers”, to learn about the game, or our more competitive Wednesday night league to watch some great curling.

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