Our Ladies Take 3rd at Queen of Hearts in Nashua!

Skip Chris Pollock, Vice Kathy Sherman, Second Joan Magrauth and Lead Gwenn Munroe

We had a great time from the first moments we were welcomed at the curling rink by our Nashua hostesses to our parting moments when we said “Good-Bye and see you again in two years” to our friends from Plainfield.  Our opening game was against Nashua #1, and we probably should have been spectators, losing 11 – 0.  (That’s called “Going down Snake River.”)  We curled against Nashua #2 in our second game.  We were helped by our supper companions who had just come off Sheet 2 and told us all about the ice.  We won and curled our next game against an Albany team who split the broom with every shot.

We gave up one of two 4-enders in this game which made the difference in Albany’s win.  Usually in a “Three-game guaranteed” Bonspiel, this would have meant the end of our curling fun, but we were on the end of the draw that gave us a game early Sunday morning to qualify for the Third Event Finals.  Playing against a highly-skilled and experienced Nutmeg team, Gwenn, Joan, and Kathy all curled superbly, so I guarded ports and drew to the four-foot when necessary.  We controlled each house and finished the eight ends on the winning side with a score of 6 – 2.  Marching down the ice behind the piper for the Finals was a thrill.  We had another low-scoring game, going into the eighth end ahead 7 – 2, but Plainfield’s stones stayed in the house while ours didn’t cooperate.  With the last rock, the Skip needed to draw to the 8-foot circle to tie, however her shot came to a stop

and we won 7 – 6.   Obviously we were excited!!

We all know that curling is such an amazing sport in which folks of various experience and abilities can come together.  So, I urge everyone to sign up for a Bonspiel as soon as you can.  You’ll have a good time and be hooked.

With sincere thanks to Gwenn, Joan, and Kathy for curling and sweeping so well, and, most of all, for putting up with my quirky ways for three days.

Good Curling, Chris

…and this just just in from the Vice!

One added note…

Sunday morning’s early game against Nutmeg. Six teams were playing for the ‘C’ event final, so three games going on.  Only two teams would qualify for the final. We essentially were playing for points. So not only did we need to win we needed to score more points than at least one of the other winners on the other sheets. The points system went like this:  20 points for the win, 4 points for each end won and one point for each rock scored. The Plainfield team won their game easily, not sure of the score but had more points than we had. The teams on the sheet next to us finished their game about three or four rocks ahead of us. I glanced at the score and theirs was 7 to “something” for the win. They had five ends they had won. So their points were 47. Our points total was 46 before Chris threw her rocks. We had to win the end to advance to the finals but we were not counting. The other team couldn’t win the game but if they won the end we wouldn’t advance. Chris threw her last rock for a draw and succeeded in winning the end and advancing to the finals! Ohhhh the drama! I am not sure Chris realized how close that game was!


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