February Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of
Mount Washington Valley Curling Club
Board of Directors Meeting
February 6, 2017
Ham Arena

Present: President, Paul Valle
Vice President, Will Brown
Secretary, Sherry Marceau
Treasurer, Pat Kittle
Assistant Treasurer, Louise Inkell
Directors, Gwenn Munroe, Eileen Neal, Andy Shagoury, Paul Cail and
Larry Huemmler

Absent: Director – Kim Steward

Called to order at 6:36 pm by the President

We had a quorum.

The Agenda was approved.

The previous minutes were approved as distributed.

Officers and Committee Reports:

President Paul Valle reported with an update to the ongoing USCA controversy. We have the full support of the GNCC with our decision to decline joining as a club, at this time. Treasurer Pat Kittle reported that the clubs financial condition now and going into next year is on very firm ground. Membership Committee reported that we have one new member, Bruce Hutchings from West Ossipee. Bruce joined us from the Saturday night “Casual Curling”.

Unfinished Business: none

New Business:

A motion was made for a new temporary Saturday membership category through the end of this season. The membership fee will be $55 with a $15 ice fee each time curling, whether it was Saturday or subbing on the Wednesday night league. It was approved by unanimous consent.

A recommendation was made to make our Bonspiel a 1-day event as opposed to our current 3-day event. The recommendation failed.

A motion was made to have the bylaws committee amend our bylaws to reduce the size of our board from 11 to 7 members. It was felt that an 11-member board for a 45-member club was excessive and counterproductive to the decision-making process. It passed with unanimous consent. The bylaws chairman was asked to produce an amendment to be voted on at the annual meeting.

For the good of the club:

The annual meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 8, 2017. The social committee chair Eileen Neal will be considering a location for the event.

The Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm

Sherry Marceau