Are you up for a little “unconventional” curling???

Are you up for a little “unconventional” curling??

We hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas and a chance to enjoy the day and spend some time with family and friends. 

But it’s time to get serious. It’s time to lace up your curling shoes and drag out the brooms once again. We’ve all had a couple weeks to savor our victory’s (and lick our wounds)… now, it’s time for some fun!

This Saturday, December 31st, we will be having a New Year’s Eve curling party at the Ham. This is a member’s only (Saturday players too!) and guest’s event.  The bottom line is to have a whole lot of fun (or at least make believe we are).

The main course will consist of “Pot Luck” brought by the faithful (that’s you), and BYOB “adult beverages”…. make of that what you will….

Things will get under way at 6PM with a fly over by the Blue Angles and a concert with Ted Nugent. We are hoping to have Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sing a duet of Kumbaya, but that’s still in the works. (There may be scheduling issues.)

We have some rather “unconventional” curling games planned. Without getting into too much detail, let’s just say it will be very, well, “unconventional”, but a whole lot of fun!…..

Please let our Social Committee Chair, Eileen Neal, know if you will be attending,and what you can bring for the pot luck. 

The cost is a mere $20 (US) and includes ice fee and feed. Non-curling spouses (etc) are $5.00.

This actually may be kind of fun, so if you’re around and looking for something to do…this is it.

See you on the ice !!

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