MWVCC2 Takes the Bronze!


2016 GNCC Arena Club “D” Event Bronze Winners!

Congratulations to MWVCC2 Skip Paul Valle, Vice Sherry Marceau, Second Matt Geer and Lead Jim Lerner for winning the “D” event at this weekends Grand National Curling Club’s Arena Club Championship held at Plymouth State University. With a field of 20 teams from all over the eastern United States, Team Valle went 4-1 this week, losing only to the 2nd place winner Long Island.

Details to follow..


Day 1 GNCC Arena Club Championships

After the first full day of play at the PSU Ice Arena, we find our heroes  alive and well, with an eye to the prize. MWVCC2 (Team Valle) had a good day finishing 2-0 and preparing to take on a very tough Plymouth Rocks curling club in the “A” Event. In the guaranteed “can’t lose/can’t win) “B” Event we find MWVCC3 (Team Kittle) playing  MWVCC4 (Team Bennet) for the right to take on Pittsburgh later in the day.  And in the “C” Event MWVCC1 (Team Pollock) will wait for the winner of the Antracite-Woodstock2 match to find out her first opponent of the day.

The weather is warm, the ice is cold and the players are really cool. If you’re in the area, stop by and catch some top notch curling.

Good luck MWVCC …. and Good Curling to All!!

GNCC Arena Club Championship

The GNCC in conjunction with the Plymouth State University, Plymouth Rocks Curling Club, is hosting the 2016 GNCC Arena Club Championship this weekend. This event will include 20 teams from the all over the East Coast. The Mount Washington Valley Curling Club is proud to have four teams competing in this event.

  • MWVCC1:  Chris Pollock, Michelle Chick, Billy Chick and Kathy Sherman.
  • MWVCC2:  Paul Valle, Sherry Marceau, Jim Lerner, Matt Geer (Woodstock/Upper Valley Curling Club).
  • MWVCC3:  Pat Kittle, Andy Shagoury, Mike Abraham, Dee Barker
  • MWVCC4:  Sue Bennet, Eileen Neal,  Joan Magrauth, Shirley Alessandroni

This weekend will be in the 90’s, but if you want to stay cool and be cool… why not stop by the Hannaway Rink at Plymouth University and take in some great curling.

The event will begin on Friday morning with the first draw at 8:30am and continue thru Sunday morning, replete with Drambuie and Bagpipes.

So, to the Mount Washington Valley Curling Club teams, good luck! and to all the participants…..

Good Curling.. see you on the ice!





Ice Line Painting Update….


Due to issues with the equipment at the arena, the ice will not be going in this week as previously planned. The ice painting is now tentatively scheduled for June 29th, one week later. If you were planning on coming down this week, thank you, see you on the 29th.

June Photo Caption Contest..


Here’s our June entry for the Photo Caption Contest…Let’s hear what you think is going through these chaps heads….


Line Up!

It’s that time of year again. Time to put our houses back in order for another year of curling. We will have the painter’s put the houses in this year as we have done in the past. However, we will still put in all our lines. This will happen on June 22nd from about 4:30 till we finish, usually 2-3 hours. Some of us will be at the arena a little earlier (2:30ish) to get a head start so if you can make it earlier, please do.

2016 GNCC Arena Club Championship

2016 GNCC Arena Club Championship

The Plymouth Rocks Curling Club will host the 2016 GNCC Arena Club Championship at the Plymouth State University Ice Arena the weekend of June 23rd-26th. The championship will be an Open format, 4 event, 3 game guarantee event. Cost is only $400 per team, and includes all meals, including continental breakfasts, lunches, and Friday and Saturday dinners. Alcohol and soft drinks will be available for purchase. You must be a current GNCC member & have paid your 2017 dues in order to qualify for the event. Draw times are to be determined by the Championship Committee. You may register for the event online or you may mail in your registration form. For questions regarding registration, please e-mail us or call 603-535-2758. Any questions related to the event may be directed to Jay Flanders.

via Curling | Ice Arena – Plymouth State University


That Curling Song

Team Shagoury takes 2nd Event at PSU

May 7, 2016

MWVCC was very well represented with 16 players from our club taking part.  MWVCC1 included Paula Ellis, Pete Ellis, George LeBlanc and Larry Humeller, subing for Stephen Ripkey. Chris Pollock, Billy Chick, Michelle Chick and Joan Magrauth played as the Muddy Buddies.  The 2nd Event finalists were MWVCC2 represented by Paul Valle, Sherry Marceau, Louise Inkell and on loan from Woodstock, Joe Duggan. And our 2nd Event winners, MWVCC/Broomstones, were skipped by Andy Shagoury, with Chris Strahler, Mike Abraham and Jim Lerner.

Thanks to Dave, Marly and the gang at Plymouth for putting on a great “Spiel”.

2016 Annual Meeting Highlights

April 14, 2016

Paula Ellis

 Team Valle receives the Club Championship Trophy

 Team Shagoury receives the Horsefeathers Trophy for winning the Wednesday League

 Team Saco River receives the Ellis Trophy for winning the weekend League


We held our 2016 Annual Meeting at Hobbs Tavern in W. Ossipee on Saturday, April 2nd. It was a great time to get together for some “off ice” socializing. The meeting was presided over by our outgoing President Pat Kittle. Paul Valle and Pete Ellis presented the player awards and club curling awards. A big thank you to Cheryl Barker for taking the photos of the meeting. To see all the pictures from the meeting, go to the Photos/Videos tab and select 2016 Annual Meeting. Paula Ellis, our outgoing Secretary, summed up the evening as follows.

Will Brown read the slate of Officers presented by the Nominating Committee.

Paul Valle – President

Will Brown – Vice President

Sherry Marceau – Secretary

Pat Kittle – Treasurer

Louise Inkell – Assistant Treasurer

Will asked for nominations from the floor.There were none.

Andy Shagoury made a motion to accept the slate as presented.Mike Abraham seconded.All were in favor.

Our newly elected President, Paul Valle presented Pat Kittle with a present from the membership for all his work during the last 5 years, a throw blanket with the Mount Washington Valley insignia embroidered on it.

Paul then handed out the individual awards that are voted on by the membership.  These award winners also received $20 gift certificates to Brooms Up Curling Supply.

Golden Broom Award:  Billy Chick

Best Delivery Award: Louise Inkell

Good Sportsmanship: Gwenn Munroe

Most Improved: Sherry Marceau

5th Player Award:  tie – Kim Steward and Pete Ellis

Rookie of the Year: Debbie Mueller

Paul then announced that the Always There Award, that was started last year, with George LeBlanc as recipient, would be awarded again this year.  The new recipient is Mike Boivin, the member of the Ham staff, who has worked so hard to get us the best ice possible for curling.

Pete Ellis proceeded to hand out the plaques and trophy.

The Ellis’ Plaque, the award for the weekend league went to the Saco Medical team, Emily Beaulieu, Margaret Scrimger, and Brenda Dexter.  They also received individual certificates to bring home.

The Horsefeathers’ Plaque, was awarded to the Wed. League Winners, Team Shagoury, with Andy Shagoury as skip, Chris Strahler as vice, Mike Abraham as second, and Durland (Coach) Barker as lead.  They also received individual certificates.

We then proceeded to the awards for the annual Championship Playoffs.

In 5th place, the Almost There award winners, Team Kittle: Pat Kittle as skip, Kevin Milford as vice, Penny Kittle as second, and Karen Milford as lead.  Their mugs are on back order, but they will receive them shortly.

In 4th place, the Bronze Event finalist, Team Shagoury:  Andy, Chris, Mike, and Durland all received mugs.

In 3rd place, the Bronze Event winners, Team Brown: Will Brown as skip, Kirk Saunders as vice, Scott LaJoie as second, and Joan Magrauth all received mugs.

The Championship finalist team was Team Munroe: Gwenn Munroe as skip, Sue Bennett as vice, Eileen Neal as second, and Louise Inkell as lead.

The Championship Stone Trophy was passed down from last year’s winning team, Team Ellis to this year Championship team; Team Valle: Paul Valle as skip, Billy Chick as vice, Sherry Marceau as third, and Michelle Chick as lead.


2016 MWVCC Playoff Results


April 3, 2016

Second Michelle Chick, Vice Billy Chick, Third Sherry Marceau, Skip Paul Valle

Team Valle 2016 Mount Washington Valley Curling Club Champions

The 2015-2016 Season is now history and what history it was.

The main event of the evening saw perennial rivals Team Munroe and Team Valle facing off in the 2016 Club Championship Event. In what will certainly go down as one of the most exciting games ever played at the Ham Arena, Team Valle drew first blood hanging a single point in the first. Team Munroe evened the score in the second end with their own. In the third end, Skip Valle had 3 in the bank with just the hammer to throw. But a miscue caused the final stone of that end to miss the open left side of the house and drift into Team Munroe’s guard, tapping it just enough to knock it onto the button! So instead of looking at a 4 point lead at the end of three, Team Valle was faced with a 1 point deficit, 2-1, with Team Munroe taking the lead. Not to be denied, the fourth end saw Team Valle recover to post a 3 for the end, now up by 2. In the fifth Team Valle added another to open up a 3 point lead, 5-2 going into the sixth end with an eye to the prize. But Skip Gwenn Munroe was not at the “big dance” by accident. She posted her own 3 ender in the sixth to tie the game 5-5. So with just 2 minutes left in regulation play, the first stone of the final end flew down the ice.

Back and forth the stones danced around the house until Team Valle had 2 counters sitting on the edge of the button with just skip’s stones left to throw. Skip Munroe was first out of the hack as Team Valle had the all crucial hammer. Her first stone was poetry in motion as it sailed down the ice nestling itself between the two red stones, hers being 1/2″ closer to the button, now shot rock. Skip Valle delivered his first stone but halfway down the ice it started to fall off to the right…and continued to fall, ending up at the back of the house out of contention. Skip Munroe then delivered her final stone of the year. The plan was simple, guard the shot rock and victory was assured. But her stone was just a touch heavy and instead of being a guard, it cruised into the house landing dead on the button!

With Team Munroe’s two counters in the house, Team Valle was now down by 2 with just one stone to throw for the season. After a consultation with Vice Billy Chick a modest correction was made and the broom was set. As he made his way to the hack he could hear the whispers of encouragement from his second Michelle Chick and third, Sherry Marceau .. “You can do this!” And with everything to win and everything to lose, Skip Valle sets himself in the hack. A small crowd has gathered around the house and the silence is deafening. With a focus on fundamentals and a deep breath, in a blink of an eye the stone of destiny is on it’s way. Sweeper to the left, sweeper to the right…. they watch, they wait… the line is good…the weight is good…nothing to do now but escort the stone to it’s final resting place. But halfway down the ice, again it starts to drift off to the right! A repeat of stone seven? can this be happening again! did the correction do nothing?? wait! it’s now starting to drift back to the left! but is it too much curl? too little? is it too heavy? is it too light? No! in mere seconds the sudden crack of granite on granite echos through the arena and the stone of destiny has found it’s mark! It parts the two blue stones and comes to a well deserved rest in the eight foot ring….leaving a single red stone orphaned in the 4 foot …. for the point, the victory, and the 2016 Club Championship.

In the Bronze Event, Team Brown jumped out to a 5-0 lead in the first with Team Shagoury making a strong comeback with three in the second. From there to the end they traded points. In a dramatic move in the 7th end, Skip Andy Shagoury tied the game 7-7, forcing a draw to the button. Skip Shagoury won the coin toss and elected to have Skip Will Brown throw the first stone, drawing to within an inch of the button! The measurement was taken and Skip Shagoury delivered his stone, coming to rest about three feet straight in front of the button, great line but just ran out of gas. Nicely done, Skip Will Brown!

Over on sheet four, in the “Almost There” bracket, Team Paula Ellis let Team Kittle hang a ‘3’ on them in the first end, forcing them to play catch-up the rest of the game, which they did. Team Ellis responded with their own 3-ender in the 5th end. They entered the 7th and final end with Team Kittle up by only one but with the hammer. Skip Ellis’s last stone narrowly missed the intended takeout, which would have left them sitting 2, but thankfully Skip Kittle did not have to make a shot to win the game… this time. Congratulations Team Kittle!

Sheet one saw Team Force take on Team Pollock in the Fourth Event. Skip Keith Force, a man of few words, described the game this way; “Close game. 7 ender. Not close game. Done.”

Skip Chris Pollock was a bit more forthcoming and responded; In the fifth end with the Blue Team up 4-3, we had figured out that the ice had a 6-foot negative draw. Blue had shot rock, being close to the button, and I had 2nd and 3rd shots. Shot was half hidden behind a Red. I choose to throw a back-line weight take-out, taking 3 feet negative ice. The stone stayed straight to the point that I thought it would slide through the house. Finally it “fell” and punched the Blue out between two Reds. In case you are wondering about the 8th rock, it was about 2” short of the house, right where I wanted it to guard our first three rocks. Perhaps some skillful work with Photo Shop would show an 8-end! Mike, Kathy, and I have curled in all our games from September through March. I think that is a key factor in our success. Well done Team Pollock!